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Covid-19 policy

The health and safety of our Cali Kids families, warrior children, medical staff, and our community is our utmost priority.

We take every precaution when receiving shipments and donations of supplies. When assembling care packages, we wash and disinfect our hands as well as the surface being used. When delivering packages, hands are always sanitized and a mask is worn when appropriate or necessary. When possible we do contactless deliveries. 

As always, we do not work or assemble packages if we have any symptoms of illness. We will continue to follow CDC guidelines and the City of San Diego's protocol regarding  exposure or confirmed cases of Covid, the flu, or any other communicable illness. 

We take these precautions very seriously and follow these protocols in our daily lives as well in order to protect the families with medically resilient children as well as protecting my family and community.

We are in this together and together we can help to protect each other.

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