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Gaby is our warrior princess!  She has had a very long journey with Myasthenia Gravis.  We spent the majority of her first MG year in the hospital and she managed to turn our hospital stays into fun adventures.  This girl lets nothing stop her.  She is the most graceful warrior I know.  Always smiling and singing even on her weakest days. 


Isaac is fierce!  He is my son's little brother and he stole my heart from the minute I met him!  Isaac is seriously the bravest kid I know.  He defeated leukemia Twice!!  Despite his young age, Isaac finds ways to use his journey to help others.  Isaac has a knack for public speaking and lights up the room.  This boy is going to make big things happen!  


Leila is my little fire cracker.  At 6 months old, Leila stopped breathing.  We only spent two days in the hospital but that was the peak of a 6 year journey with severe reflux.  Even though she had daily stomach and throat pain and yucky medications, Leila would always wipe away her tears and enjoy her days to the fullest.  

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